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Shazia34KHANPUR: Famous folk singer, Shazia Khushk enthralled the sitting spectators with her "Lal Meri Paat" warm and clear acoustic sounds and did not let them sit on the pre-arranged seating capacity at bank of beautiful Khanpur Lake, which is fed by Haro River and through the water moving down the western side of Margala Hills.


The idea for this event stemmed out of a desire to provide an innovative, exciting and colorful platform for families and children with huge pavilions were created for showcasing the skills of the people of this part of the world like handicrafts and other handmade work.


"I love the concept and hope this concert is continuing because it's an idea that needs to be nurtured and grown, because there is no such platform for families to chill. Children were going go go, gag an over the many exciting attractions laid out for them and that too, absolutely free.


"I am loving it," one Fida Adeel told APP who had brought her children and nieces and nephews to this event. This is so much fun and look at the children, for them, it's like a little piece of heaven."


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Corporation (TCKP) in an attempt to provide healthy entertainment and to appease peoples craving for outdoor life.


TCKP had decided to introduce the blue green lake to thousands of families as a tourist spot last year and thus had arranged the biggest water sports event in Pakistan - the Khanpur Lake Spring Festival.


After its tremendous success it was decided that this be turned into an annual event like the Shandur Festival and that Khanpur Lake be declared an official tourist spot.


In light of that decision TCKP has carried on the legacy and arranged the Khanpur Water Sports Extravaganza this year too, Zeeshan Khan, an official of the TCKP said.


There are much more comprising water boating activities, para ceiling stalls of food and traditional handicrafts, traditional Dances, Horse Dancing, Hazara pavilion, stage activities of performing arts that includes National concerts including Phusto Singers and Hazara musicians and fun land for the kids.


Khanpur is an ideal location for water rafting and other sports activities and that's why it's a privilege to develop the area through these events so that visitors can come and see how naturally resourceful their country is.


A range of exciting air and water borne sports such as para-boating, hang gliding, air safari, motor boats as well as fishing competition, followed by stunning traditions dances like Khattak, Masud, and horse dances which mesmerized the cheering spectators, especially the kids. The horses were dances on the Khanpur has always been famous for oranges but with the addition of the Water Sports Extravaganza opened up new corridors as it has also become a popular tourist destination where families and individuals can enjoy boating, go picnicking, take extended walks along the lakeshore or observe migratory birds.


Last but not the least the fire works, arranged for all three nights, added more to the overall attraction for the local and foreign victors.


The dam was completed in 1983 after a 15-year construction period believed to have cost Rs. 1,352 million. It is 167 feet (51 m) high and stores 110,000 acre feet (140,000,000 m3) of water.


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