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car 400ABU DHABI: Augmenting global efforts to push for renewable energy sources, Pakistan’s ambassador to UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan and Director General of International Renewable Energy (IRENA) have agreed to hold demo of the water-kit invented by Pakistani engineer that makes it possible for cars to run on water.

Hailing from Southern Sindh province of Pakistan, Engineer Waqar Ahmad drove his car last Thursday using water as fuel during a demonstration for parliamentarians, scientists and students in Islamabad and left the onlookers astounded. Media reports have explained that the water fuelling system is a technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run the car.
Taking stock of this unique invention with potential to forever change the dynamics of global energy consumption, Pakistan’s envoy exchanged notes with IRENA Director General Adnan Z. Amin and agreed joining hands in holding a demo to have a closer look at the working of the ‘Water Fuel Kit Project’.
Ambassador Khan has also asked Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology to send official endorsement in support of the invention to assist in the efforts to globally market this indigenously developed and eco-friendly water-fuel kit.

He applauded IRENA Director General for agreeing to hold the demo to further certify the authenticity of the invention, a move that will be of sure help in packaging the technology for broader consumer base through collaborative business ventures.

Envoy Khan also spoke to Engineer Waqar over telephone and lauded his ingenuity that led to inventing environmentally sustainable water-kit technology that powers automobiles. He also invited the inventor to Abu Dhabi on a sponsored visit in recognition of his ground breaking discovery.

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