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twilight-breaking-dawnKARACHI: Kristen Stewart and Director Rupert Sanders cheating fiasco has messed up the personal lives of Twilight couple, seems like the professional life has also getting affected with the recent scandal.

The producer of Twilight series, Summit entertainment fears that how this scandal will affect the final instalment of famous franchise.

As reported Pattinson has moved out of their home and genuinely heartbroken from Stewart cheating. According to close source to the production house, “Everyone is very scared on how to move forward with promotion, as they know the cheating is still going to be an issue (this fall). They are highly considering doing only the safe routes of Jay Leno and MTV only. But it’s currently a complete nightmare trying to move forward with the film’s promotion.”

There will be a pretty big risk that either Pattinson or Stewart will be tired of being asked about their status, will lose it, or walk out on promoting the film. At the very least the pair certainly won’t be playing up their status as the real life Edward and Bella.

Pattinson and Stewart’s relationship represented a fantasy come true, as not only did they love each other on screen, but in real life too. Fans reaction towards the cheating mess might affect the impact of the upcoming movie, as fans tweeting that, “K-Stew has ruined Twilight.”

Breaking Dawn part 2 will no doubt be a huge success but will it hit the heights that “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -Part Two” has already created?

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