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KARACHI: The premiere for the highly-awaited blockbuster ďThe Dark Knight RisesĒ has recently been overshadowed by the recent shootings in Colorado over the weekend.

The red carpet premiere of ďThe Dark Knight RisesĒ which was scheduled in Paris was also cancelled out of respect for the innocent victims of this tragic climax. The filmís cast and crew were already in Paris.

Warner Bros, the studio behind the release has now decided not to publish the weekend box office figures for ďThe Dark Knight RisesĒ. The Box Office figures play a key role for any release, but Warner Brothers have announced, it would not be reporting grosses out of respect for the victims. So far studios Disney, Fox, Sony, Lionsgate and Universal have all followed suit in solidarity.

However, some critics say that Warner Bros reluctance to reveal the Box Office figures are attributed to the fact that ďThe Dark Knight RisesĒ fell a little short on weekend numbers as compared to Marvelís release of ďAvengers Assemble,Ē earlier this year.

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