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SIALKOT: Almost all trade bodies including Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) have rejected the increase of petroleum and electricity prices and termed the step to stabbing the industrial sector of the country.

The cost production had been increased to manifolds due to continuous increase in the prices of petroleum and electricity, they said.

SCCI Acting President Zafar Iqbal said that 50 percent petroleum prices had been increased during the past two years as a result of which industrial agriculture sectors suffering adversely. The cost of production had also been increased and prices of agriculture produces and vegetables were touching heights, he added.

He further said the common man especially poor segment of the society was suffering adversely, adding the recent increase in the prices of electricity, CNG and petroleum would be detrimental for industrial and agriculture sectors of the country. The acting President SCCI demanded the withdrawal of increase immediately for protecting industrial and agriculture sectors and averts the chance of price hike.

Chairman, departmental committee of Sui gas and Wapda, Mian Muhammad Anwar alleged that Sui Northern was dispatching excess bills not according to meter readings as a result of which the domestic consumers were facing serious hardships.

He urged upon the high-ups of Sui Northern and government to take notice of malpractices and ensure relief for the domestic consumers. While commenting on the increase of petroleum and electricity prices, Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association (Sima) Chairman Jehangeer Bajwa said the increase in petroleum and electricity charges would damage the commercial sector and surgical industry and the impact of the recent increase would double the cost production to manifolds.

Sima Chairman appealed to the government to withdraw the increase in petroleum and electricity prices for smooth productivity in the country.

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